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April 5, 2017

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Author Biases

May 24, 2017

 ALL authors are biased. Yes, it is true, all of them. The difference is in the degree of bias.


I tend to categorize authors into three different degrees of bias.


  1. First Degree: There are the authors who give the facts straight up and then reach a conclusion colored by their bias. In this case I take the facts and use my gods given brain to come to my own conclusions, they either agree with the author's or they don't BUT I got the facts. Good examples in this category would be Miranda Green, J.P. Mallory, John T. Koch and Barry Cunliffe.

  2. Second Degree: There are the authors who give facts but also omit others, so that they fit with their bias. This is where I like to use cross referencing, it works wonders to getting the whole picture. A good example here would by Peter Ellis. 

  3. Third Degree: The third faction of authors tend to give fiction as fact and these are the ones I stay away from. Wow, there are a lot of authors that can go in this category I'll just give a couple: Douglas Monroe and D.J. Conway.


In all three cases, critical thinking and cross referencing are the best way to deal with the information presented.


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